A Season of Rewrites.

This year, I’ve sat myself down and had a heart-to-heart conversation. My novel will never write itself, sadly, and I know what I have is in no way usable. This trend is seemingly haunting me since ending NaNoWriMo in November 2016. Everything I write (outside of my fanfiction) is suffering. Getting to the why has been a struggle for me over the last five months, but I’m beginning to see a clear pattern. The way I write, I love to plan every last detail. I want to know the story in and out. In theory, this sounds like a given idea; however, I’ve noticed that knowing everything hinders me in finding out what happens next.

The Gravity series, at one point, was going to be a first-person narrated mess. My protagonist’s name is Ettrix Greeble. This is a muse who refuses to sit to “eff” down for two minutes. She’s a lot to handle. At first, she demanded to be the storyteller. As I wrote her prospective, I found myself at odds with her in almost every regard. The inside of her head isn’t all too great. She’s 16 at the start of the series, and she’s quite bratty right about now. I’ve written content as she ages and becomes a bit more well-rounded and less teenagery.

In my struggle with her, I’ve had other characters ask for their own voice in the narrative. I have about 23 characters fleshed out for now, and they all have their own things going on. All of these things are quite interesting – sorry, Ettrix – to me. I’ve realized I need to once again scrap everything I have written (1ok) in favor of rewriting the story from the ground up. This series isn’t just Ettrix’s story. My other characters deserve to tell they side of the grander plot. I just feel bad it took me so long to figure it out.

That’s where Camp NaNoWriMo comes in.

This is another opportunity to explore all of my characters and get away from the tired narration of my main character. I haven’t written one word in favor of allowing myself to reorganize my plot and my thoughts before diving headfirst down this spiraling vortex called writing a novel. Writing has always been a journey for me, and I’m quite eager to see where this adventure takes me and my characters. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about my goals for this April, and I’ve devised a strategy. It goes as follows:

  • Write 37,000 words this April
  • Write at least 8,000 per week
  • Explore side characters more to round the story out
  • Defeat Ettrix at her own mind games

I realize none of you know who Ettrix is. In due time, she’ll introduce herself to the world. She has a large presence in my brain, and she’s not shutting up. In other words, it might be sooner than I want. I’ve never struggled to control a muse as much as I am with her.

Are you participating this year? Have you already found what you’re doing? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!