The Author Origin Story Tag

  1. BACKSTORY. When and why did you start writing? How old were you? In which genres did you begin writing?
  2. PROTAGONIST. What was your first main character like? How has your tastes/muses changed since then?
  3. ANTAGONIST. What’s the worst writing advice or feedback you ever received? What was your first rejection or confidence-breaking experience like?
  4. SUPERPOWER. What part of writing or the writing process do you feel is your greatest strength (emotion, showing [vs. telling], drafting, revising, character flaws, etc.)?
  5. KRYPTONITE. What part of writing or the writing process do you feel is your weakest?
  6. TRAINING MONTAGE. What strengths or weaknesses changed over the years? Additionally, what have you done over the years to better your craft?
  7. WEAPON OF CHOICE. What programs have you used over your writing journey? What is your favorite right now and why?
  8. TRUSTED SIDEKICK. Every Batman has his Robin. What is your favorite companion to cuddle or consume while writing? Has this changed over the years? If so, does this also differ from day time to night time?
  9. ZERO TO HERO. When you first began this journey, what level of success did you imagine for yourself? Is where you’re currently at on your writing journey heading for the destination? If not, how has your dream evolved over the years?
  10. REMEMBER MY NAME. Fame! What authors helped you realize your interest or passion for writing? What books helped shape your writing style, genre of choice, or tastes?
  11. MARVEL VS DC. Comparison is dangerous. How has comparing your author journey to others’ dismantled or helped your own? Any advice to overcome this?
  12. THE OBLIGATORY LOVE INTEREST. Looking back on your earliest projects, what genres have you grown to love or hate to write?
  13. ARCHNEMESIS. What are the most common excuses you’ve given to yourself or outside forces you’ve overcome that prevent/prevented you from writing your story or crush your confidence?
  14. SUPERHERO NAME. When you began, did you consider using a pen name? If you’re using a pen name now, why did you decide to use one? If not, why did you use your real name?
  15. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. Tag a few of your favorite people to do this tag on their channel!