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4 Self-Publishing Truths While Building Your Author Platform

“If you want something done, do it yourself!” If you’re reading this, you’re likely self-publishing, considering it, or researching it as you build your author platform. The quote above is my mantra – not just for writing, but in all facets of life. I’m HIGHLY independent, and I consider it to be my greatest strength […]

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The Outlining Process: a Bullet Worldbuilding Checklist for Your Novel

Worldbuilding: How & Where to Start. Outlining a novel is quite possibly the most rewarding part of novel writing. I’ve never had enough discipline to actually bother doing it until The Gravity Series. Honestly, I thought I was going to move straight into writing – and I did! I wrote about 1.2k words. When I stopped […]

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A Lazy Author’s Alternative to Boring Character Questionnaires!

The beginning of a thing. Oh, hai! If you’re anything like me, you find the idea of sitting down with a character questionnaire featuring a myriad of over 100+ different questions – frankly – repulsing. I’ve filled them out countless times, and they have yet to help me with anything remotely significant. I’ve been debating whether […]

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