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Why You Should NEVER Pay for Beta Readers!

An Unexpected Rant on Beta Reading Services. Recently, I posted a call for beta readers (admittedly a bit too early, but hush!). My announcement on Twitter sparked up a rage I didn’t know I had in me. While now I feel much like Ross Geller did over his missing/eaten sandwich, I thought this was the […]

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Your Story Sucks! Why Themes are Vital to Your Manuscript!

To Every Author Who Has Abandoned Themes Harsh, I know! I’ve spent the entire weekend rediscovering why I’m a reader. I’ve abandoned physical book copies for over a year in favor of the convenience of ebooks and audiobooks. Work got too busy. Planning a wedding brought me physical pain at certain points. Moving to a […]

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Book Review – “Smut” by Karina Halle

What happens in a library, ends in a bedroom. She hates him for what he does. “Blake Crawford. Pretty much the worst human to ever grace this earth. No exaggeration needed.” Opposites attract? Not completely wrong. Amanda Newland takes her writing very seriously. Her creative writing class should be called her version of church. Misunderstandings […]

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