Blogging Resources

Blogging Resources

Welcome to my blogging resources page! Here you’ll find many interesting bits of information to help you get your own blog started. As I find more topics to discuss, I will add new ones. Until then, please enjoy my blogging resources series listed below with topics I personally wished I would have found before I started. Are you a new writer needing a website, but you’re completely green on this whole website thing? No problem! This page is your haven.

Can’t find what you need? Shoot me an email via my Contact page, and I’ll help out as best as possible. I know this whole website thing can be daunting and endlessly mad to some. That’s okay! Hopefully I help a fraction of you who stumble upon my website.¬†There’s also a small chance your question or topic has been answered on my F.A.Q.s page. Enjoy!

Build Your Own Blog Series:

Do you need a blog up and running fast? Start here!

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  1. Blog / Website Hosting*
  2. WordPress Themes*
  3. WordPress Basics
  4. WordPress Plugins
  5. WordPress Setup
  6. cPanel Basics
  7. Newsletter Basics
  8. Networking Tips & Tricks
  9. Social Media & the Web
  10. Backup WordPress to Drive or DropBox