March/April 2018 Bi-Monthly Goals

The last two months tried my very existence down to its core. With a significant death in the family and a random illness (+ ER visit in March) spanning through today, in mid-May on top of all me and my hubby’s Dave Ramsey jumpstart, things are stupid crazy and off-kilter for me right now. I did my best, but it still wasn’t good enough.

That’s okay.

Writing is an interesting journey. In that, failing is something that happens. There’s not much else to say, so I’ll leave you with the results of my last bi-monthly goals. I plan on publishing my new May/June 2018 goals next Monday with a video attached.

Success target: 60%              Total Goals: 25              Minimum: 15

Writerly/Authorly Goals:

  1. Write 8,500 words per week
  2. Write 4 blog posts for AuthorDoneWrite for April’s themed videos & schedule them for publication by the end of March
  3. Plan, pre-film, edit, & schedule all 4 April Thursday videos for themed month by the end of March
  4. Test out sponsored software & film, edit, & upload review by the end of March
  5. Post 2 videos weekly
  6. Increase Authortube engagement (comments, likes, interaction, etc.)
  7. Hold 1 indie author eBook giveaway in both March & April
  8. Collaborate with 1 authortuber
  9. Finalize GRAVITY RISING book cover sheet & book cover
  10. Prepare for a Q&A GRAVITY RISING video
  11. Make Jessi Elliot’s YouTube Intro by mid-March
  12. Finish author logos for others by the end of March
  13. Get DBAs set up for ADW & Evie Driver
  14. Finish 1st draft of GRAVITY RISING

Personal Goals:

  1. Read & review TWISTED FATE in March
  2. Read & review THE ELYSIAN PROPHECY in April
  3. Find a way to use planner I bought
  4. Find the money in budget to take out hubby for one date per month
  5. Finalize budget
  6. Complete Dave Ramsey’s baby step 1
  7. Pay off all consumer debt
  8. Create a writing habit/schedule I stick to
  9. Stick with my monthly meal plans

Extraneous Goals:

  1. Skype Jenna and/or Jessi if they’re available
  2. Start #SPBE book if available