July/August 2018 Bi-Monthly Author & Writing Goals Recap

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Writing Progress and Goals

Bi-Monthly Author & Writer Goals!

Hey, you! It’s Evie!

Today, I’ll be diving into my previous goals for the months of July & August 2018. Admittedly, I didn’t do too well. I’m alright with admitting my failures. It’s real. I’m not perfect, nor am I a machine working an assembly line of impressive goals. I’m human, so I tend to have months like the last two. Luckily, I always have two shiny, brand new months to attack my goals again!

As always, I have low success standards. I consider my win rate at 60%. Other authors set it at 75%, but I’m a scrub. So, at 60% it stays until I get my life right.


[57% completed (FAIL)]

  1. Finish first GR revision
  2. Finalize publishing schedule & possibly publish date

  3. Finish #SPBEbook beta reading

  4. Finish cut prologue to edit/publish in my newsletter for fall release

  5. Post 2 videos weekly on Tuesday/Friday
  6. Make writing at home work better
  7. Figure out a writing schedule
  8. WIN Camp NaNo (July)
  9. Collab w/ 1 authortuber
  10. Put writing playlists for Gravity Rising, characters, moods, etc.
  11. Rework my author bio
  12. Rework my book page on website
  13. Read 4 books on my TBR
  14. Reorganize book shelves

Reasons I failed these goals:

  • #1: I realized halfway thru July I needed to readjust my Camp NaNoWriMo goals to focus on finishing my first draft.
  • #3: I’m a horrible human being. I’m so sorry, Jenna. Please keep me!
  • #5: I got a bit lazy and then busy. Sorry, friends.
  • #7: I don’t handle set-in-stone schedules very well, it seems. Also, I’m not a daily writer, so I write when my head holds me hostage and I’m not at work or driving.
  • #12: I forgot about this.
  • #13: I only “read” an audiobook. It may not count for you, but it totally counts for me!

I don’t want to let this blog entry end on a bad note, so I want to focus on a few monthly WINS:

  3. I made some GREAT friendships!
  4. I met Jessi! Now all I need to do is meet Jenna! (One day…)




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