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What is the working title of my book? GRAVITY RISING Where did the idea for your book come from? Over Christmas 2016, I met this boisterous, selfish girl with weird powers in a dream after watching “The Force Awakens.” While the character has changed, Ettrix is my biggest muse to date, and she’s shown me […]

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My Writing Progress, Goals, & Beyond!

Last Updated: June 12th, 2017 Writing Timeline. I’ve never realized just how neurotic I can be. Scratch that. Check. Hello! I’ve had an epiphany over this weekend with where exactly I want to go with my writing. For many months, I’ve deliberated on testing out the waters of traditional publishing via finding an agent and […]

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The Gravity Series – Synopsis (My WIP)

In 3293, Ettrix, a sixteen-year-old technophile, knows the sector’s biggest secret. Surface life is possible. As Darwin, a stationed city hovering over Earth’s wastelands, seeks to introduce the answer to humanity’s extinction crisis, Ettrix schemes an innocent detour in the Albatross’ course set for an allied sector. Desperate to see the world, her plans derail even before the ship […]

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