Two words: Oi. Vay.

April’s camp has been quite successful thus far for my writing project; however, my personal life seems to have forgotten about all my other personal goals I set for the month (unofficially). Work is biting me in the ass, my husband’s birthday is coming up, Easter is approaching, I went to an anime convention last weekend, and now work is starting to kill me. Slowly. The only thing that matters is that my outline is actually a live, breathing thing instead of being a squashed bug on the ground.

I’ve only participated (and won, thank you) one NaNo of any kind – and that was last November (2016). This is my first camp. So far, I love it so much better than the Big November Extravaganza. Why? Because I said so, that’s why! Because I’m actually meeting my writing goals. This camp is dedicated to outlining my novel(s). I thought about writing without one, but when I bought Scrivener, I found myself actually excited about outlining for the first time in my life.

The Goals & My Progress.

My target hour goal is 50 hours. That might not seem like a lot for you. Good on you. I didn’t know going in what I’d actually end up doing (outlining my damn novel instead of writing it). My writing process has never included this stage because I’ve never wanted to. In school, outlining papers was the worst. I’m just not the type of person who outlines. Maybe I’ll post about it someday.

Regardless, here is where I’m at:

I hit 50%! I’m actually over (currently sitting at 29 hours). I think this camp is teaching me how to discipline myself as a writer and outliner. This camp is a lot of things to a lot of people; however, for me, I desperately needed to get into the habit of sitting down with my novel each and every day. My creative wheels keep spinning! I’m actually doing great! I cannot imagine if I actually was writing this camp. Writing is always something I‘ve struggled with. Hopefully I’ll beat all my bad habits out in July.

Here are just a few of the habits I’ve developed this camp:

  • Checking in nearly each day
  • Planning two scenes or worldbuilding something different / new
  • Researching things I don’t know (blog post coming soon about this)
  • Updating my social media accounts and connecting with other writers
  • Building a better vision of where my idea can actually be a novel

At this pace, I will finish early!

Where are you at? Have you kept up with your goals? Let’s chat in the comments below!