The Species of

THE Gravity Rising Saga.
Sector Humans

Species Name:

Pure Humans


Species World:

Sectors (Cloud cities)


Physical Attributes:

No known archive provides general information regarding standard physical attributes, such as skin tone, hair type, height, weight, etc. However, records show that humans’ evolutionary cycle has largely remained the same since before The Collapse, which known history defines sometime in the year 2019.


(Known) History:

The Collapse claimed nearly all human and other life on Earth. Nearly all previous history was either destroyed, left behind, or forgotten by the Founders of sector society. Largely based on scientific reason, each sector was given one vital resource and one name in effort to promote worldwide cooperation.

Ensuring worldwide peace is the primary function of sector life. No one sector should have more than one resource, nor should one sector hoard or withhold the respective resource to create unfair or unequal associations. Equal distribution is one of the Key Mandates laid out by the Founders.

Sector humans have no radiation exposure, and none have shown an affinity for special or fantastical abilities or powers. All enhancements are scientifically founded or are experiements or advancements of medicene.


Species Traits:

High intellect is a species trait, which is leveraged and made possible through the Founders’ principals and works. Scientific advancement and experimentation is a key role in the daily lives of the Pure.


(Known) Enemies:

 The First Landing War tore more open than the universe beyond the sky. It revealed cracks in the sector system. Aliens threatened to exterminate the sectors; however, the war tipped in toward humanity’s side of the scale. They won: at astonishing costs.

Of the 16 sectors worldwide, 11 still remain operational; however, the system suffered tremendous casualties, losing more than 80% of the worldwide male population. The remaining sectors face extinction even two decades later. A total of 4 more sectors are threatened to merge or die off within another decade if the resources and knowledge lost in the First Landing War cannot be recovered.

In recent years, Darwin, whose resource has always been scientific experimentation and military/technological advancement, has discovered a breakthrough to restore reproduction/population expansion, food and water reserves, and bodies to both serve roles where empty and protect when needed: the biobots.


(Known) Allies:

The system considers no one save the internal network of sectors allies, as they remain, according to public domain records, the last living souls on Earth.


(Known) Lifespan:

Through medical advancements since The Collapse and onwards, the average lifespan of the Pure is 130 years. Rumors mention the possibility of some living closer to 200. Few tales cite over 200. Possibly longer if the grapevine is to be trusted.



In its inception, the system used the old dialect of English, a widely understood, universal language that inspired the one used language by everyone in the system: Common.

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