What is this series about?

I centralized this series around characters often shoved to the sidelines. I wanted to explore the foster care system and those who have endured it. This series tackles tough subject matter with the promise of a happily ever after.

What is/are the title(s)?

For personal reasons, I’ve decided to hide most of this juicy info until I get a better sense of when each book will be published. I will say that each title is heavily influenced by the “worst” tarot cards.

Where does this series take place?

I created the fictional small town named Foster Hills, Texas. I live in Houston, and I wanted to celebrate my home as the backdrop in my writing. This seemed to be the perfect project.

What can I expect from the series?

I’m writing this series to express a few personal struggles, which are exaggerated to fit the expectations of fiction. This series allows me to explore tough and hopeful topics I’m interested in, too. Such topics include no girl hate, body positivity, sexual assault awareness, gun violence awareness, and more to name a few.

When's the release date(s)?

At this time, the series consists of four books. I hope to publish at least the first one in 2019 and the other three across 2020.

What genre is it?

I’m writing the series with New Adult Comtemporary Romance in mind. Some books may steer into the upper YA territory, as two books center around high schoolers; however, I love steamy reads, so buckle up.

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