May / June 2017 Bimonthly Goals.

Hello, writers! I wanted to start a reoccurring bimonthly goals series of blogs to keep track of my writing journey. As I sit here in Panera Bread eating my chicken noodle soup, I’m watching Kristen Martin’s own bimonthly goals YouTube video. She’s really pumping me up to keep up with my goals as well as thinking about new goals.

I really wanted to make a video to be released tomorrow on my YouTube channel, but literally as I started to film on my laptop, a guy literally walked in my area. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I opted to sit here and write this to be filmed tomorrow.

Onto the goals.

If I can achieve 60% of these goals, I’ll be happy. Some of them are a bit of a stretch, but it’s still good to have goals – even if they are more abstract that achievable.

  1. Nail down Gravity Rising synopsis/summary and post it to blog
  2. Form my LLC with the state of Texas
  3. Finalize my author branding for website & related social media accounts
  4. Giveaway 2 author brand logo palettes
  5. Create and send out monthly newsletter with giveaway information for logo palettes and any sneak peaks to Gravity Rising
  6. Release video all about my LLC/publishing company
  7. Post videos every Tuesday and Friday to my YouTube channel
  8. Find about 20 beta readers for edited first draft
  9. Write minimum of 50k words per month (write something every day)
  10. Prepare for Camp NaNoWriMo in July (finish outline for Artificial Vessels)
  11. Pay for cover designer for Gravity Rising
  12. Build relationships with other authors on related social media (beta read?)
  13. Finish Gravity Rising‘s history timeline
  14. Read 4 physical books
  15. Finalize chapter one of Gravity Rising to be released in July’s newsletter
  16. Exercise 2 hrs / week
  17. Maintain a planner/schedule & structure writing time every day (experiment with different times of ay until I find something that works long-term)
  18. Post 6 blog posts

What are your bimonthly goals?  Let’s chat in the comments below!