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The Author Origin Story Tag (ORIGINAL)

https://youtu.be/8frZUkbGQU8 The Author Origin Story Tag BACKSTORY. When and why did you start writing? How old were you? In which genres did you begin writing? PROTAGONIST. What was your first main character like? How has your tastes/muses changed since then?...

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(Recap) March/April 2018 Bi-Monthly Writing Goals

March/April 2018 Bi-Monthly Goals The last two months tried my very existence down to its core. With a significant death in the family and a random illness (+ ER visit in March) spanning through today, in mid-May on top of all me and my hubby's Dave Ramsey jumpstart,...

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Authortube WIP Tag

What is the working title of my book? GRAVITY RISING Where did the idea for your book come from? Over Christmas 2016, I met this boisterous, selfish girl with weird powers in a dream after watching "The Force Awakens." While the character has changed, Ettrix is my...

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Why You Should NEVER Pay for Beta Readers!

An Unexpected Rant on Beta Reading Services. Recently, I posted a call for beta readers (admittedly a bit too early, but hush!). My announcement on Twitter sparked up a rage I didn’t know I had in me. While now I feel much like Ross Geller did over his missing/eaten...

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Bimonthly Goals: May / June 2017

May / June 2017 Bimonthly Goals. Hello, writers! I wanted to start a reoccurring bimonthly goals series of blogs to keep track of my writing journey. As I sit here in Panera Bread eating my chicken noodle soup, I'm watching Kristen Martin's own bimonthly goals YouTube...

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My Writing Progress, Goals, & Beyond!

Last Updated: June 12th, 2017 Writing Timeline. I've never realized just how neurotic I can be. Scratch that. Check. Hello! I've had an epiphany over this weekend with where exactly I want to go with my writing. For many months, I've deliberated on testing out the...

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