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THE GRAVITY SERIES encompasses a lot more than our own issues right this moment in time; however, a few aspects of my story could be considered friendly to these groups. Without spoiling my story, I have a group of people who somewhat (very liberal use of somewhat, by the way) experience gender dysphoria. Also, most of the world’s men have been axed by an intergalactic war, so women naturally would open their sexuality up a bit, I’d imagine.

I do have a gay couple planned. While they will not be central to my story, they are key to the plot later on in the series. Without them, something wouldn’t be able to happen. They are central to this event in my plot. While I do incorporate certain elements of the LGBT+ community in this series, this is not a central focus in my series.

As for POC, check out my character page to see for yourself!

Kindle ebook, paperback (US + International), and – eventually – hardback for the US only (due to heinous shipping costs).

Great question! Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, and Beauty & the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (more based on the movies we know and love today, though)!

First, thank you for your interest! GRAVITY RISING is fully plotted but being written at this moment. I anticipate a release somewhere between July and September of 2018. This stretch of time may change due to market demand or personal reasons.


I wish I could flash a popular answer like “Oh, I just always knew!” and have it be true. As a child, my reading comprehension was TERRIBLE! That followed me up all the way to high school – until I picked up a book I cannot mention due to reasons. This book allowed me to explore a specific YA craze at the time, and I began reading new genres as I grew out of that one. That has been the pattern ever since.

I’ve always been creative, though! I can’t draw. I can sing okay. I can’t play an instrument, and I can’t dance anymore. Writing was an option I explored in my senior (high school) creative writing class. I discovered I could be good at it – if I set my mind and targeted myself to doing it. I didn’t until now. This is the glossiest of glossed history lessons ever!

  • Panera Bread (my life).
  • Chickfila (my love).
  • Cici’s pizza (my happiness).

P.S. I’m a total fat ass. In case it wasn’t obvious.

You should check out my Goodreads page. I’ve provided you a direct link to my current reading list for convenience.

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Broken record, but BAM!

The point of my pseudonym (Evie Driver) is to conceal my actual identity. Separation of church and state and all that. I chose my name because it’s fun to say and also provides me a few options in case I need to create a separate name for a new genre in the future. I’m proud to be Evie Driver. It’s the name I chose for myself! Sorry if you think pen names are a bad thing, but it suits my writing life perfectly! Besides, I dislike my given name. Why on Earth would I use it if I had the option to choose another? Thanks for the question!

Texas is the short answer. I’ve lived in the Houston area between 1990 (when I was born) to 2010. San Antonio was my next stopping place until April 2015. Since then, I’ve built up a wonderful life here in Houston with my Husband, three kitty-kiddos, friends, and family!


*Conceals howling laughter* Let’s reword this question. “How many hours a day do you prefer to write?” That’s better! In a dream world, I’d be left alone with only my novel to keep me company. Fortunately, the world exists, and I have friends and family who love me dearly – and are all evil conspirators plotted new ways to prevent me from writing. The real answer is about an hour on average. I endeavor to better this. However, for now, it is what it is.

I’m a bit naughty as a Young Adult author. I, as a writer, LOVE writing all the morning detail of the nasty or gruesome fight scenes. Why? That’s mostly what I’ve read in the last 5 years. I’m used to it; however, my characters tend to keep me in check. What ends up in the final product is a watered down version of my extended/uncut scenes I’ll eventually publish after I get GRAVITY RISING out there.

Mature content is the bane of my existence because I love it. I personally feel it brings the readers closer to the characters (except pretty much all erotica). You get to witness a moment that really changes something (as little or as huge – no pun intended, of course) in characters. Writing YA challenges me to walk a fine line. It’s a challenge that makes me want to rip my hair our and throw it to the floor – you know like how any normal 26-year-old tantrum.

Outlining, writing, & revising phases: Scrivener

Final production & publishing phases: Microsoft Word & others (not relevant at this time)

Honestly, music is my life. I’ve always seen things based on how it makes me feel or the images it provokes in my mind. For GRAVITY RISING, Starset’s My Demons enabled me to meet Ettrix Greeble and her family. Since then, she’s introduced her whole world to me. For ARTIFICIAL VESSELS (the 2nd in the GRAVITY SERIES), Eminem’s Lose Yourself really takes to prize for how that book opens. While I write, instrumental music is my life source. Music with lyrics is good for me to plot and outline.

This is a long answer I’ve tackled on a multitude of forums, but none really summarize my feelings and thoughts on the matter. I’ll make a video regarding this soon on YouTube (link will be provided when available)! In the meantime, I will try to summarize this issue to the best of my ability to satisfy your curiosities!

1. Control

I’m a control freak. I’ve heard a few horror stories from blogs about trade publishing, and I can’t risk it – even if those experiences are rare. I want full creative control – covers, editors, marketing. All of it. It’s mine to behold!

2. Impatient

I want my book out when I say I want it. I’m demanding like that, and other people shouldn’t have to deal with it. I get to create my schedules and plan ahead at my convenience. What’s not to like about that?

3. Independent

I’m a creature of fierce independence. I hate answering to people or relying on others too much – probably a weakness, but I see it as a strength for the most part. I also love the stress of a new challenge. I’m a masochist, I suppose. Give me ten minutes to cook up a recipe for world peace, I’d try my darndest! I love the idea of failure. I get to grow and learn new things. I work well under pressure, and I sure know how to light a fire under my ass when I need to.

4. Success/failure credit

Self-publishing is also the best route to publishing my book because I get to be at blame if I fail, and I also get all the credit if I succeed. No pointing fingers. Solely me. It’s a better fit for who I am. I’ve considered going trade, but the idea of waiting to snag an agent and wait out for however long for the editing and cover designs makes me itch…impatient, remember?


I could have an entire blog dedicate to it, but Harry Potter! For Pete’s sake, I had a Harry Potter themed wedding! I learned to read at my grade level because of these books. IF that hadn’t happened, I for sure wouldn’t be writing today!

Here’s your proof:

I’m obsessed with authors Karina Halle, Penelope Douglass, Lisa Kleypas (more of her older stuff), and Julia Quinn. The pattern is unapologetic romance. Contemporary or historical – I don’t care. Give me some good, complex characters, and I’m a happy reader. I really don’t buy into the whole “heros should *always* be suited to feministic ideals. Don’t look at me like that. If you like Twilight or Fifty Shades, you’re also in this loop (thankfully I hate both of those series, but it’s the same concept).

I hate hyper-masculine characters, but I have a soft spot for guys (also female characters) who know who they are. If being attractive or “God’s gift to all women” (as unrealistic and completely false as that is) is a part of who that character is, then I buy into it. Do I like it in real life? No. No. NO. Thankfully, it’s just fiction. Some things you can read for enjoyment. Not everything needs to be an issue. We all have our guilty pleasures. Live and let live!