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Hi! I’m Evie, a Houston-based new adult romance writer. I’m obsessed with pop culture, banana pudding, & dad jokes. When I’m not writing (or swooning), I’m a full-time digital content strategist + social media manager.

Join me over on YouTube, where I document my writing journey, share some of my WIP behind-the-pages + hints, and unveil parts of my personal writing process.

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Right now, I’m working on Project Funny Feels (#FunnyFeelsBook on social media). Keep up-to-date on my journey writing this book by subscribing to my YouTube channel, where I post frequent writing + book updates as well as document my journey through NaNoWriMo (and both Camp NaNos).

project funny feels

Set in Houston, Texas, this new adult romance project explores two untraditional characters happy to never love anyone, topsy-turvy tropes, navigating a suddenly silent world, & devious side characters who just want both lost, meandering souls to find some peace.

Project Funny Feels is Footloose meets The Joker, a story tackling tough, dark sentiments on life, death, love, & mental health + showing how even the darkest of times can have a funny way of bringing two people trapped in their own heads out of the thick of it together.