Slighted by society. Forgotten by family.

Sector Darwin, a city dwelling in the clouds, is no longer safe for sixteen-year-old technophile, Ettrix Greeble. The unstable energy at her fingertips brands her a prime candidate to be the next test subject when her mother unveils the most controversial experiment yet. To secure her freedom, she must find a way Earth’s irradiated wastelands thought to be inhabitable. Only then will she finally be able to disappear.

Freedom doesn’t exist in the wastes.

Thought to be an Attuned, a magic-user, the Crawlers hunt her and her new companions after she escapes Elysium, the raiders’ labyrinthine stronghold situated in ruins. The wastes require any advantage she has survive; however, as she tests her powers’ limits, her body begins to deteriorate. When called to fight to save others, will she sacrifice her solitary life she’s desperate to live or will she find a way to save herself instead?


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